• Ensure that the drain water pipes are not clogged and there are enough outlets for the water to drain off
  • Correct all improper plumbing and seal the gaps on the parapet walls using a suitable sealer
  • Ensure proper sloping of the terrace
  • All non-structural cracks to be treated using SmartCare Crack Seal
  • Envelop the terrace, including parapet walls using SmartCare Damp Proof
  • All L-Joints in the terrace to be sealed using SmartCare Joint Tapes
  • In case the terrace is laid with tiles or china chips, SmartCare Terrace Tile Primer to be used as an undercoat before Damp Proof application



  • Treat all plaster cracks between sunshade and wall with SmartCare Crack Seal. For structural cracks use SmartCare Hybrid PU Sealant
  • Waterproof the sunshade using SmartCare Damp Proof


exterior walls

  • Treat all plaster cracks with SmartCare Crack Seal. For Structural cracks use SmartCare Hybrid PU Sealant
  • Waterproof the exterior surface with SmartCare Damp Proof. Follow this up with two coats of the desired shade of Ultima



  • There is no recommended treatment for seepage from ceiling on the negative side. The only solution is to treat the actual source of water on the floor above
  • In case of a terrace above, envelop the entire terrace from parapet to parapet using SmartCare Damp Proof and use SmartCare Joint Tapes on the L-joints
  • If there is a toilet/ bathroom above, remove the tiles, use SmartCare Damp Block for waterproofing and re-tile using the suitable SmartCare Tile Adhesive and SmartCare Tile Grout


swimming pools and water tanks

 swimming pools

  • Remove the existing tiles and re-tile using SmartCare Tile Adhesives and SmartCare Tile-Grout – Epoxy based
  • SmartCare Damp Block can also be used on the floor prior to tiling

water tanks

  • Waterproof the tank using SmartCare Damp Block


wall adjacent to bathrooms

  • Employ the services of a plumber to ensure that there are no leakage issues in any of the concealed pipes
  • Fix the tiles using SmartCare Tile Adhesives and fill the joints between these tiles using SmartCare Tile Grouts
  • Use SmartCare Unyverseal for sealing of joints in bathroom elements like washbasins, bathtubs etc.
  • Treat the affected area on the adjacent wall using SmartCare Damp Block


interior walls (one side facing exteriors)

  • Treat all plaster cracks in interiors and exteriors using SmartCare Crack Seal
  • Coat the exterior walls with Damp Proof
  • Coat the interior walls with Damp Block
  • In case there are gaps joints between window frames, door frames etc., seal it using SmartCare Akrylmax
  • Ensure that plant pots are not very close to the walls and there is suitable provision for the water to drain off


areas near kitchen sinks

  • Ascertain whether the source of leakage and get it fixed by a plumber
  • Treat the affected area using Smartcare Damp Block
  • The kitchen tiles can be re-tiled using SmartCare Tile Adhesives and Tile Grouts
  • Use SmartCare Unyverseal on sanitary joints


preventive constructions

  • Use SmartCare Vitalia with cement or concrete during construction, plastering or repairing for preventing structural degradation