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Safety and sanitization are starting to become the highest priority. The need to live and work in a clean and safe environment has never been more significant. Our daily sweeping and vacuum cleaning can only help so much. It can’t provide the effective sanitization that one requires in the time of a pandemic. Introducing Asian Paints San Assure - a perfect solution for sanitization. It kills harmful germs using quality equipment and materials, while following stringent safety protocols.

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San Assure Service helps kill harmful germs using quality equipment and materials, while following stringent safety protocols. We offer three unique plans in San Assure Service, based on different product properties and durability.

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* confirmed as tested in a lab

^ Royale Health Shield with Silver Ion Technology is effective against COVID-19 virus with 99% efficacy within 30 minutes of exposure on painted surface as per the study done by Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (Govt. of India recognized laboratory).

#The coated surface starts acting against SARS-COV-2 viruses as soon as they come in contact with the surface and provides 99% Germ Protection in 24 hrs as per the standard testing protocols.