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Are these brushes superior to existing economical range brushes available in the market?

Yes. These brushes are superior in terms of finish, edge cutting & long life.

What kind of filaments are used in these brushes?

These are imported filament & provides perfect finish & edge cutting along with long life.

Are these brushes compatible on both interior & exterior surface?

Yes. However, life will be higher for interior & less for exterior as exterior is a rough substrate.

Are these brushes compatible with both solvent & water based paint?


Foam rolling is important after paint application from brush?

Yes. It can be foam rolling or felt rolling. Especially when you are applying emulsion & type of finish you expect.

Where do I get these brushes?

These brushes are available at local dealer shop or you can contact Asian Paints Territory Sales Officer.

How do we take care of the brushes?

Don't let the paint dry on the brush.

Don't overload the brush with paint.

Don't leave the brush overnight.

How should we clean the brushes?

Clean the brush immediately after use, with the appropriate solvent for the type of paint you've been using. If you have used oil-based paint, clean the brush with mineral spirits or turpentine. If you have used a water-based paint such as acrylic or latex, clean the brush with warm water or mild dish soap.